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We provide professional business guidance across all sectors to entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers or anyone with great ideas and the ambition to build a strong, internationally minded enterprise.

Our track record with startups, projects and industry partnerships make us a leader in Sweden’s world-renowned innovation system, where we actively pioneer new methods to provide the best support to emerging enterprises.

Through our strong relations with Region Skåne, the largest healthcare provider in this region, we offer exclusive help to their innovative employees as well as to external business partners, who wish to develop and commercialize new healthcare products.

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Region Skåne opens neonatal unit with state of the art lighting solution

On March 16, a new neonatal unit opened at the Helsingborg hospital, a complete rethink of the traditional unit, that features state of the art lighting solutions. The innovative lighting solution helps create a healthy light environment that…

Cross4Health 1st open call: Chance to apply for innovation support of up to €60,000 for health innovations

Cross4Health aims at promoting and supporting collaborative health innovation solutions generated by Aerospace and Energy SMEs together with Health-related SMEs from sectors such as Biotechnology, ICT and Medical Devices. The first open call is now open for submission…

Google implements software from Skåne

Sensative’s software Yggio, which connects sensors and devices from different manufacturers, has been implemented in Google Assistant. Additionally, Sensative’s millimeter thin sensors, which for instance can detect if a window or door has been opened, will be…


  1. E-health award @Vitalis

    April 24 @ 08:00 - 17:00
  2. The Yes Day

    May 3 @ 08:30 - 18:30
  3. International Day of Light

    May 16 @ 08:30 - 13:00
  4. Skåne Innovation Week

    May 28 - June 1