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We provide professional business guidance across all sectors to entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers or anyone with great ideas and the ambition to build a strong, internationally minded enterprise.
Our track record with startups, projects and industry partnerships make us a leader in Sweden’s world-renowned innovation system, where we actively pioneer new methods to provide the best support to emerging enterprises.

Through our strong relations with Region Skåne, the largest healthcare provider in this region, we offer exclusive help to their innovative employees as well as to external business partners, who wish to develop and commercialize new healthcare products.

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Digitizing healthcare in Sweden

“Our new Swedish-language report (“Värdet av digital teknik i den svenska vården”) finds that systematically digitizing the country’s healthcare system could not only put it on a more sustainable cost trajectory, but improve the quality of care.”…

What is the real value of innovation?

“The level of innovation for any organisation is partly framed by the time perspective, but equally important is the margins you have to play with. Innovation is a game of calculated risk, and the higher your margins…

The digital pressures weighing on telecoms

“Digitization is profoundly changing the competitive boundaries of the telecommunications industry. Core voice and messaging businesses have continued to shrink, in part because of regulatory pressures, but also because social media has opened new communications channels beyond…