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We provide professional business guidance across all sectors to entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers or anyone with great ideas and the ambition to build a strong, internationally minded enterprise.

Our track record with startups, projects and industry partnerships make us a leader in Sweden’s world-renowned innovation system, where we actively pioneer new methods to provide the best support to emerging enterprises.

Through our strong relations with Region Skåne, the largest healthcare provider in this region, we offer exclusive help to their innovative employees as well as to external business partners, who wish to develop and commercialize new healthcare products.

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Latest news

The incubators in southern Sweden launch the #1000busyhours campaign to support entrepreneurs

Today, #1000busyhours, a joint campaign from five startup organizations in southern Sweden, is being launched to support Sweden’s entrepreneurs. Through a digital solution, anyone with a scalable idea can sign up for one of 1000 hours of…

Innovation Skåne strengthen the business advisory team with new advisors focused on AI, machine learning and blockchain

Innovation Skåne has hired Melina Katkic and Kinga Broel-Plater to further strengthen the business advisory team. Both advisors have extensive international experience and have worked in areas of high interest to entrepreneurs in south Sweden, for instance fintech and disruptive technologies…

Region Skåne opens neonatal unit with state of the art lighting solution

On March 16, a new neonatal unit opened at the Helsingborg hospital, a complete rethink of the traditional unit, that features state of the art lighting solutions. The innovative lighting solution helps create a healthy light environment that…


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