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Startup lessons worth sharing

Innovation Skåne provides business advisory, tools, network and communities to help you succeed to build your startup. Here you’ll find lessons and experiences worth sharing – straight from the entrepreneurs who themselves made the journey or from advisors and researchers supporting the community. Learn about digital marketing, international expansion, how to grow your team and more!

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International expansion on a small budget

Being street smart can take your company far, and into new markets. Micael Gustafsson, CEO of Learning to Sleep, shares thought provocative examples from his long business experience. On choosing a new market or instance: “Go to a place that you like.” As simples as that. Hear Micael explain why, he does provide valid points.


Digital marketing for startups: Reaching your customers without breaking your budget

Get to know your target group and analyze their digital behavior, then you’re ready to spend money on digital ads. Petronella Gustafsson, founder and CEO of Progress Me, present how her company use digital marketing to grow the business.


Networks is the new main challenge in startup’s internationalization process

Research on challenges in the international scaling process for startups is shifting. From traditional challenges (such as cultural, geographical and institutional distances) to networks. The main challenge when entering a new market today is to enter a relevant network, or a value chain that today span well beyond borders. Mikael Hilmersson, associate professor in International Business at Gothenburg University, as well as ongoing evaluator of HealthTech Nordic, summarize 15 years of work on internationalization into 15 minutes of insights that startups can act on.


From 0 to 135 – a startup’s organizational journey

Starting as a concept in 2013, Min Doktor soon became a growing company, in turnover but also in regard to number of employees – which has nearly doubled yearly since the company was founded. Daniel Persson, Innovationschef at Min Doktor, talk about recruiting and growing your team during HealthTech Nordic’s community meeting in Malmö, Sweden, in February 2019.


Marketing communications for startups: How to grow in a new market

An example of how to grow in a new market, from 0 customers to beyond with an, for the target audience, unknown product. Maria Blomqvist, VP Communication & PR at Joint Academy, presents their story during HealthTech Nordic’s community meeting in Malmö, Sweden, in February 2019.

How startups can make use of incentive programs

Innovation Skåne’s HR Director Johan Rosendahl speak with Philip Stankovski, co-founder of Paxx Media, on how startups can use incentive programs as an alternative to traditional employment. Johan and Philip provide tips and tricks on what works in regard to incentive programs as well as information on current legislation.


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Stort internationellt intresse för elvägar – en spaning från Frankfurt

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