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Our mission is to help you improve our region – and the world beyond – through innovation.

DO YOU HAVE A NEW IDEA or technology – or a new combination of old technologies – with the potential to solve a problem or hit a market sweet spot? Every year we work with more than 200 entrepreneurs and help as many of them as possible to build internationally successful enterprises. Our professional business advisors have knowledge and experience relevant to your idea and market. We will help you find out if your idea has potential – and, if so, how to make it the next big thing.

WE PROVIDE EXCLUSIVE help to entrepreneurs who demonstrate strong progress, offering you a specialist business advisor with an industry-specific network. Together, you analyse the immediate priorities and business needs. Innovation Skåne business advisors all have general startup and commercial expertise, as well as individual specialist skills – in the in the mobile/telecom, IT, digital media, cleantech and life science sectors.

OUR ADVISORS will help you with business strategy, finding investors and pilot customers, technical support, recruitment, IPR strategy and expansion. They will introduce you to our experts in human resources and team recruitment, patents and licensing, legal issues, marketing and financing.

Ultimately, it’s up to the market to decide if your business idea is viable. But we will do our very best to support you all the way.

FROM DAY ONE, we will welcome you into our large international network. We work closely with investors and pilot customers, as well as all the established providers of start-up support and business facilitation. This means you can add our services to existing sources of support like business incubators, university innovation offices, business angels and mentors.

OUR SERVICES to innovators and entrepreneurs are free of charge and funded by our owner, Region Skåne, other governmental agencies and our industry partners.

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WHAT WE DON’T DO: We don’t invest money in your company, we don’t lend you money, or buy shares of your company. We can help you find suitable first customers or investors. We don’t judge your idea, we help you find out what the intended market thinks. We won’t decide for you or do your job, we will however be a sounding board to you and offer our experiences from similar situations. We might even help you see greater possibilities with your idea than you imagined. (Other rules apply for Ideas from within Region Skåne

In numbers


We’ve worked with 271 startups during 2016 (thanks for trusting us with your ideas). 7 out of the 271 grew into fast growing companies* last year, counting only those who are saying that we had a significant impact on their evolution.


All in all, our clients created an estimated 280 new jobs in 2016.

*Fast growing company: Innovative, more than 10 employees or SEK 10 Mn turnover, and an international market.


Charlotta Ursing is leaving Innovation Skåne to become the CEO of Minc

Charlotta Ursing has been working at Innovation Skåne for nearly two years, starting out playing an important role in the Sony’s Next Step Startup program to support redundant employees to start their own business. She then rapidly…

Join us at the Startup Fair 2017

Welcome to Startup Fair 29th of March, 2017! The event is hosted by Teknologkåren, Lund University. Don’t miss the chance to listen to Innovation Skåne’s speakers: Edvard Hall, Materials Business Center, Innovation Skåne and Barry Ness LUCSUS…

Nordic Test Beds – testing opportunity for new healthcare products and innovations

Nordic Test Beds (NoTeB) project is opening a call to get five new cases to be tested in the Nordic cooperation network of university hospital based test beds.  The call is open until October 31th. The project…

Connected health is changing our lives.

To get to work hands-on with cutting edge technologies and solutions for a better healthcare is a privilege. I am in awe of the entrepreneurs and innovators who get to change the world as we know it, and it’s amazing to be part of the change that begins at our local hospitals, improving the quality of life for local patients – and that’s just the beginning.

Bengt Stavenow, Senior Advisor

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