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Cup Manager’s favorite sport: Problem solving

Lund-based Cup Manager develops IT solutions for sport tournaments. The customers are mainly organizers of large international tournaments, focusing on team sports for youth. However, for the Cup Manager team, the main sport is really to find solutions to challenges.

– It may sound strange but none of us is particularly interested in sports – we are computer geeks. We have attended meetings with hugely famous players from national sport teams without even recognizing the person. But for us, this works great. We love our job and that is to understand a challenge, break it down and from there create an outstanding IT solution, says CEO Max Martinsson.

A company that keeps growing
Cup Manager’s cloud-based tool was developed together with Lundaspelen (the world’s largest indoor handball tournament for youth players) and launched in 2009. Since then the tool has been developed using real user feedback. Today, Cup Manager is a comprehensive tool, covering everything from sign-up, billing and player scheduling to live reporting of goals and results with applications for web, mobile apps or SMS.

– It’s about facilitating and streamlining the work of those who arrange the tournaments, but also about creating participation and involvement around the tournaments, says CEO Max Martinsson.

The idea is to help the organizers provide a full experience for the participants and give more people the opportunity to easily follow the tournaments.

– We want to give youth clubs and other sport clubs the same type of tools that are available for the big international sport events with huge budgets, says Anton Spanne, developer and co-owner.

Anton and Max, the guys who started and developed Cup Manager, are old friends from high school. For many years, they ran the company themselves. But in recent years, the number of orders have increased and the company has begun to hire in order to keep up.

– We already run the biggest tournaments in Sweden. Now we try to do the same in Norway, where there’s only one competitor, and also more potential partners, says Max.

They see an increased demand for partnerships with other types of services:

– It could be anything from infotainment to distribution to the media. Our advantage is our self-developed tool – we know the technology and are equipped to deal with these new demands swiftly, says Anton.

The team recognizes great potential in new partnerships, but also in adding services to their existing customers and their users.

– We have hundreds of thousands of users at the tournaments. And so the question is what more we can offer them at the end of the tournaments?

Confidence boost and business support by Innovation Skåne
At Cup Manager, the buzz is about technology and new ideas, but a company also needs structure, and sometimes insights and experience from outside the organization in order to continue to grow. This support is found in the business advisor Harry Håkansson from Innovation Skåne.

– With Harry’s support we’ve felt more confident to invest in our growth. We ourselves are more technology than business focused, which makes the support even more important. We’ve now hired our first new colleagues and started to expand to new markets, says Max.

– Harry pushes us to actually follow through and he makes sure we continue working according to plan. In this way, he almost works as an external manager. He also helps us bring order to our ideas and transform them into business opportunities. And we have plenty of ideas, says Anton.

International ambition
Having a lot of different ideas, Cup Manager’s direction is now primarily to continue and expand abroad.

– We are going to establish Cup Manager in Europe. In 5 years, we are the leading company in the Nordic countries. At that point, we have developed a self sustaining full service, ensuring that we are the primary choice also for smaller tournament organizers, says Max and Anton.




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Harry Håkansson

- With Harry's support we’ve felt more confident to invest in our growth.

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