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Digitization of the pregnancy process


Women’s health and childbirth care are prioritized areas in the healthcare sector in Skåne. Regional and national surveys and reports show that the number of births and risk pregnancies is increasing, access to parental education is uneven and the need for knowledge transfer between care and the pregnant couple is increasing.

The project focuses primarily on pregnancy monitoring with the aim of giving the prospective parents a user-friendly digital service. The service should contribute to ensuring that the prospective parents feel secure and involved in their own pregnancy and be able to provide information and knowledge based on the parents’ individual needs. The goal is that pregnant women in one and the same interface can find functionalities such as listing and booking for the midwife reception, feedback from questionnaires, journal entries, test responses and individually adapted training and information, as well as important contact information.

The project has carried out an analysis at both midwives and pregnant women and has had a collaboration with students in service design at Malmö University, where the students have produced various proposals for solutions based on a service design process. Two of the proposals are published in the form of films at the bottom of this website.

In parallel with the analysis, the project works with Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), to look at opportunities to evaluate innovation and improvement work and to find a technical solution to be able to test and develop the idea.

More midwives are welcome to participate in the project.

The project Digitization of the pregnancy process is underway within the framework of the Regional Director’s decision on digital renewal in primary care, and is a collaborative project between Innovation Skåne, Region Skåne’s Knowledge Center for Women’s Health and Midwife Clinics funded by Region Skåne.

Two digital solution proposals developed in collaboration with students in service design at Malmö University.


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