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Google implements software from Skåne

2018-01-24 | Business Advisory Services

Sensative’s software Yggio, which connects sensors and devices from different manufacturers, has been implemented in Google Assistant.
Additionally, Sensative’s millimeter thin sensors, which for instance can detect if a window or door has been opened, will be marketed as a product for Google Home.
– This doesn’t mean a big increase in sales but fantastic exposure and promotion for us, says Fredrik Westman who in 2013 established Sensatives in Lund, Skåne, together with Anders Hedberg and Mats Pettersson.
Yggio is available as an app for Google Assistant. The system enables the user to activate sensors and services through voice commands, for instance dim the light, adjust heating, play music and reply to questions.
Innovation Skåne’s business advisors have been working with Sensative for several years, in particular in the early stages of the company.
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