Innovation Skåne

Innovative employees

Are you a Region Skåne employee with a bright idea you would like to develop, or an innovative project you want help to initiate?

Innovation Skåne can help you take your concept forward and test its market potential. We apply our knowledge, expertise and experience to help your good ideas fulfil their promise. Ideas that can create new jobs, save lives, benefit competitiveness and improve public services – from healthcare to public transport.

To get it off the ground, we assist you in determining how your idea can make a difference – and then how to commercialise it and attract buyers. Perhaps Region Skåne is a potential buyer, or it’s an idea for an international market. We invest our time and resources in developing your idea and shares all sales revenue and royalty income equally with you after expenses.

If you are interested in developing your idea on your one, you should still contact us to discuss if and how you can get the full right to the idea.

Send us your idea!

If you are interested in starting your own clinic, please read more here about healthcare entrepreneurship.

If you are a line manager with a more structural change in mind, please read more here about improving healthcare performance projects.

Innovations seeking commercial partners

Innovation Skåne develops ideas for products from employees in Region Skåne. We bring the concept forward from it’s original idea but don’t development the product fully, nor do we market or sell it. When we are close to developing a finished product we instead start our search for a commercial partner, a business minded privately owned company that wish to sell the product. Is your company a potential partner for any of our ongoing projects?

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Technical challenges seeking problem solvers

Are you a problem solver, inventor or have experience from solving technical  challenges? Innovation Skåne needs your help to solve technical  challenges in healthcare. Read more and sign up via the link below.

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In numbers


The healthcare division of Region Skåne has an annual turnover of SEK 33 billion. There are processes and products to improve and new technologies to adapt, which means fantastic business opportunities fordsdsdsdsd those with innovative ideas. The same applies for other sectors, like public transportation and culture, who also can benefit from new smarter solutions.


New ways of doing things often origin in the workday, close to the actual issues and challenges. This is why all the 30.000 Region Skåne employees in the various divisions are important sources of new solutions.

Ideas that became real

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