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How we work

We work with ideas that can become products or services with clear customer benefit and commercial potential. The idea may be relevant to both Region Skåne’s own operations and an international market.

We help to model and develop your idea technically, commercially and legally. If needed we bring partners onboard to help out in your specific case and we work with proven and effective methods. You who supply the idea are involved in the work to different extents during the course of the project.

The three work phases


In order for an organization to develop and improve, new ideas and innovation are essential. The brightest ideas for new solutions are often found among the people who work closely to the organization’s challenges.

We want to receive many ideas that can make a difference for patients, employees and the organization. We look closely at all ideas submitted to us and all the work we do is done, to as large extent as possible, confidentially.

Define and package

The first thing that happens when an idea is submitted is that we do a thorough analysis, based on a proven model called NABC (Need, Approach, Benefit, Competition). In the analysis we investigate whether the idea fulfills a relevant need, that it can be solved technically, that it provides clear customer benefits, that there is no such solution on the market already and –  above all – that the idea has commercial potential.

If the idea meets all the criteria, we will start a project to take on the idea. For example, we start with a plan that may include schedule, budget, competence needs and project members. At this stage, we also sign a cooperation agreement between Region Skåne, Innovation Skåne and you who supplied the idea. The agreement includes forms of cooperation, ownership of the idea and the distribution of potential future licensing revenues, and of course you who came up with the idea always get a share.

If the idea does not meet the criteria, we will try to help you further. For example, if there is already a similar product or service on the market, we help with relevant contacts in Region Skåne as well as advice on products, if the idea is not commercially viable but would solve an operational problem, we will facilitate the communication with appropriate units in Region Skåne.

After the analysis phase we enter the development phase. We then work, often in collaboration with external partners such as technical consulting companies and academia, to further develop the idea. For example, we may do further analyzes, such as effect analysis, market analysis or technical analysis, but it may also include applying for patents, to produce prototypes and user tests. Simply put, anything that is needed to make the idea more business-friendly.

Throughout this part of the process, the idea is continually evaluated, and it happens that ideas are reevaluated and terminated, although our goal is always to push the idea all the way to a finished product or service.

The developed idea is then packaged for licensing to a commercial company that will take the product or service to the market. The package contains everything that a commercial company may need in its appraisal of the idea, such as business plan, NABC analysis, prototyping, test bases and patents.


In the final phase, we will contact a number of suitable companies that might be interested and able to, on a commercial basis, sell the product or service. We always intend to sign a license agreement where a share of the company’s future sales revenue of the product or service goes to Innovation Skåne and to you who supplied the idea.

Once a license agreement has been signed, the responsibility for further product development is transferred to the commercial company, but we are often involved to some extent. The final product development phase before the product or service reaches the market is generally very time consuming and comprehensive. Among other things due to the need for the licensing company to secure and classify the product or service for example for patient safety, work environment, quality and healthcare results.

Are you employed in Region Skåne and have an idea of a promising product or service? Read more and submit your idea here.


In numbers


The healthcare division of Region Skåne has an annual turnover of SEK 33 billion.


New ways of doing things often originated in the workday, close to the actual issues and challenges. This is why all 34.000 Region Skåne employees are important sources for innovative solutions.


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