Innovation Skåne

Healthcare industry services

We provide a link between the global health care industry and the public health care provider Region Skåne. Our ambition is to accelerate the processes and collaborations between the two to develop and deploy new solutions that lead to improved wellness and more cost effective health care.

Our services include helping you access Region Skåne as a customer. We facilitate the contacts with their innovation procurement department and projects improving healthcare performance, the clinical trials and testbeds, and other product development projects

Ranging from startups to multinational enterprises, our clients come from every part of the health sector and include manufacturers of biotechnology products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and providers of health care services.

We facilitate the matchmaking between established trade & industry and the healthcare departments looking for new solutions. This region has a special interest in the connected health area, and we lead special projects for connected health innovations, as connectivity is an important factor in the strive for more efficient healthcare and global access to care. Our international partners in combination with our daily work with startups help us stay updated on all from regulatory development to cutting edge technologies.

Our staff have experience from working in the regional government as well as the private industry. We have significant cumulative health care experience, some of us are still active in the day-to-day work with patients. From this foundation of knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to serve providers and suppliers of health care products and services with contacts, strategic advice, and practical services like clinical trials and testbeds.

Connected health is changing our lives.

To get to work hands-on with cutting edge technologies and solutions for a better healthcare is a privilege. I am in awe of the entrepreneurs and innovators who get to change the world as we know it, and it’s amazing to be part of the change that begins at our local hospitals, improving the quality of life for local patients – and that’s just the beginning.

Bengt Stavenow, Senior Advisor

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