Innovation Skåne

Improving the innovation system

We constantly improve the climate for entrepreneurship by developing the Swedish innovation system. Our impact on the economy is a fact and our results are in line with the governmental agencies’ ambition concerning new companies, new jobs, startups with female and immigrant founders.

We interact with other innovation supporters here and around the world for new perspectives and ideas, we aim for smarter cooperation with established industries and help the government and public bodies understand the needs of stabile entrepreneurship.

We import new methods from other countries, develop some on our own and try them out in pioneering projects like Business Incubation 2020, a project financed by the European Regional Development Fund, in collaboration with other incubators in southern Sweden.

Our much appreciated method Power Hour® and our industry partner program, where we work with Alfa Laval, E.On and Arla, are just a couple of those successful methods that we choose to continue keep in our tool box.