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Interview on Artificial Intelligence & FoodTech/AgroTech in Skåne

2018-10-16 | Innovation expertise

On November 8th, Innovation Skåne and Barrel AI are organizing a half-day conference about the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in FoodTech & AgroTech in Skåne. We took the opportunity to ask Melina Katkic and Björn Lagnevik, who are hosting the event, a few questions about Foodtech and AI.

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Björn, you work with innovation management at Innovation Skåne, what are the main challenges in today’s food system and how can innovation help?

Sweden’s food sector needs to strengthen its competitiveness and innovation power, for example we see that the export share is low. I see enormous potential in developing a more circular logic for future food production systems and food products. In order to succeed in a circular conversion, introducing new technology such as AI and Big data will play a major role. The obvious advantage of introducing digital tools is that the decision base, the follow-up and quality becomes much better but also the ability to be more resource efficient.

Melina, you work as an AI adviser for Innovation Skåne, you have your own business in AI/ML and you are a co-founder of Barrel AI, an AI community co-organizing this event. How can data science and artificial intelligence help improve the food sector?

Melina: Application of AI in the Food Services fields is an unpenetrated area with huge beneficial potentials. The most important factor to keep in mind when discussing data science, regardless of the application field or industry, is the crucial significance and impact of huge amounts of high quality data.

By using numerous IoT applications and gadgets available on the market today we are able to produce and track extensive amounts of sensor data in all the Food Cycle steps. For example let’s look on how to use AI for waste reduction, which is a big global problem. Processing companies have already turned to AI to better calibrate their machines in order to manage several products sizes and reduce waste and costs. Or, by using image-recognition technology, one of the ML techniques, you ease the procurement process and reduce the time it takes to send an order. Application areas are endless as long we have good quality data and good data scientists.

Why is this conference taking place right now and why in Skåne?
Melina: Due to several factors combined; suitable climate and soil for the agriculture, closeness to the right skillset in the field of AI due to nearness to LTH and DTU. Also, relatively to the population size, a very big and variable startup and hub scene. All these factors is backed up by a supportive and forward-thinking, aiming for being innovative, government.

What can we expect to learn from the event and what are your goals as organizers?
: The conference will be visited by the greatest mix –  both AI experts but also businesses people that need this expertise. You will hear key notes from inspiring speakers about the latest on the local market in the fields of data collection and visions about the AI application in Food- and AgroTech industries. There will also be interactive sessions and the afternoon will be wrapped up by an AW.

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