Innovation Skåne

New industries

We are seizing the opportunities for new industries to grow from leading research and other favorable conditions in our region.

Ongoing projects:

Materials Business Center
The project constitutes a framework for connecting market and industrial needs with entrepreneurs who are willing and able to adopt technical or scientific solutions to industrial problems and create innovations and commercially viable enterprises. Lars Tilly is the Director, Materials Business Center. The project is supported by European Regional Development Fund.


Innovationsmiljöer för smarta hållbara städer – Urban Magma
A project with the vision to make southern Sweden an internationally recognised region in terms of cutting edge development of products and services for urban technology supply systems dealing with energy, water and waste. The project facilitates for municipalities, companies and academia to co-formulate the city’s needs. Businesses are then matched against the needs for development of products and services. Jonas Andersson represents Innovation Skåne in this project. The project is supported by European Regional Development Fund.


Lighting Metropolis
The ambition of Lighting Metropolis is to create growth and make the entire region a leading living laboratory for light. This cooperation is important for the region to benefit from the interdisciplinary core competencies and thereby create a common international profile. 20 demonstration projects will be carried out in for example schools, parks and hospitals, where the project partners can show how light can help ensure security, accessibility, health and learning for citizens. Please contact Markus Mårtensson for more information. The project is supported by European Regional Development Fund Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak.

Read about the demonstration project “Flicker-free LED lighting” (Swedish).


Nordic Connected Health Star Track
A project with the mission to identify and support the growth of the best startups in the Nordic countries. Together, the project partners support startups, entrepreneurs and innovators with customer interaction, regulatory expertise, rapid prototyping, direct feedback from the mobile industry, synergies, activities for successful internationalization and much more. Marianne Larsson is the project manager.


Materials Business Center

To me it’s more about the positive change in society that Materials Business Center can contribute to, than the specific innovations. It’s about finding solutions to global challenges that relates to all of us, in energy, environment, transportation and medicine, where new materials are part of the solution, and at the same time creates new companies and employment.

Edvard Hall, Project leader