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Innovation Skåne leads or participates in the following projects, often with several external partners:

HealthTech Nordic

HealthTech Nordic accelerates and unite pioneers in the field of HealthTech. Startups, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts in HealthTech are welcome to join the HealthTech Nordic Community. Membership grants access to gatherings and seminars on relevant topics as well as interaction with interested peers, top-level experts, industry leaders, and potential customers. Startups and entrepreneurs based in the Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak area with ambitions to grow internationally can also qualify for the HealthTech Nordic Fast Tracks.

HealthTech Nordic is run by Innovation Skåne along with Noway Health Tech; COBIS in Denmark; and Sahlgrenska Science Park, Smile Incubator, and Invest in Skåne in Sweden. The project is partially financed by Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, European Regional Development Fund. The goal is to help 100 startups grow and create 700 new jobs. Marianne Larsson is the Director.

Materials Business Center

The project constitutes a framework for connecting market and industrial needs with entrepreneurs who are willing and able to adopt technical or scientific solutions to industrial problems and create innovations and commercially viable enterprises. The project is supported by European Regional Development Fund. Carl Malm and Lars Tilly are the Directors.


Baltic TRAM

The international project Baltic TRAM (Transnational Research Access in the Macroregion) seeks to strengthen the relationship between analytical research institutions and business, and link expertise to concrete industrial needs. The overall objective is to boost innovation, secure the implementation of smart specialization strategies, and encourage entrepreneurship by supporting small and medium size enterprise – thus contributing to the regional effort of making the Baltic Sea Region innovative, sustainable and competitive. Baltic TRAM is led by DESY, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, in dialogue with 14 project partners and 5 associated organisations from across the Baltic Sea Region. The project is partly funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund), via Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. Carl Malm leads Innovation Skånes participation.

Lighting Metropolis

The ambition of Lighting Metropolis is to create growth and make the entire region a leading living laboratory for light. This cooperation is important for the region to benefit from the interdisciplinary core competencies and thereby create a common international profile. 20 demonstration projects will be carried out in for example schools, parks and hospitals, where the project partners can show how light can help ensure security, accessibility, health and learning for citizens. The project is supported by European Regional Development Fund Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak. Markus Mårtensson leads Innovation Skånes participation.

The Future of Lightning

The Future of Lighting in Skåne is a regional project focusing on increasing awareness and knowledge of the importance of light for human health and well-being. The project run by Innovation Skåne is funded by Region Skåne. Maria Edgren leads Innovation Skånes participation.

Business Incubation 2020

Business Incubation 2020 is a project with the mission to support entrepreneurship in southern Sweden through increased collaboration, within the innovation system and with established trade and industry. Innovation Skåne initiated this project to ensure that we all benefit from each others strength and specialist knowledge, and through various activities we will offer an improved innovation system and attract even more entrepreneurs. Anders Nilsson is the Project coordinator.


Product Validation in Health, ProVaHealth, is an Interreg Baltic Sea Region-project which facilitates access to health infrastructures for startups and SMEs. It promotes commercialization based on excellent client validation opportunities, hands-on feedback and input for product development. ProVaHealth involves 14 health Living Labs from the Baltic Sea region and works together with ScanBalt and the European Network of Living Labs. Fred Kjelsson leads Innovation Skånes participation.


Cross4Health unlocks the collaborative potential of Aerospace and Energy SMEs leveraged on Biotechnology, ICT and Medical Devices sectors for the generation of innovative solutions that enhance patient-centred personalized care. Cross4Health will select more than 70 innovative project ideas to accelerate and further support monetarily and with innovation services. Magnus Wallengren leads Innovation Skånes participation.

EIT Health

EIT Health is a high-quality European network with approximately 140 members from industry, academia, and payers/providers of health care in Europe. The network is geographically divided into seven groups, which all share the goal to achieve better care and health for Europe’s citizens through education, development and entrepreneurship. The network relies on active collaborative members who can, through specific EU-funded calls, seek project funding for real benefits of Europe’s citizens. Innovation Skåne’s Bengt Stavenow leads Region Skåne’s participation.

EIT Health

Additional projects

Innovation Skåne also leads and participates in several innovation projects and projects with the aim to bring about change together with Region Skåne or with Region Skåne as employer. The projects include systematic projects, primary care digitization projects and innovation and change management in healthcare. Bengt Stavenow is the Director.

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