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Sofia Ehlde, Innovation Director at Oatly: “We need more interaction and collaboration between the digital tech sector and the food sector”

2018-10-19 | Innovation expertise

Sofia Ehlde, Innovation Director at Oatly, you are one of our keynote speakers at our AI/foodtech Conference November 8th, we’re very excited! Can you briefly say something about your presentation titled “Driving change with sustainable food tech innovations”.

– I will tell the Oatly story as an example of how sustainable food tech innovations can make an impact and drive change towards a more sustainable lifestyle and a more sustainable food industry.

What challenges do you see when it comes to applying new technology in the food sector?

– Start-ups within food tech, meaning new food technology and processes, meet great challenges in scaling up the business for market launch, because of the substantial demand for investments in production equipment and facilities. We need to find ways to support and facilitate food tech innovations in this crucial stage. When it comes to digital food tech and AI, I think we need more interaction and collaboration between the digital tech sector and the food sector to co-create and explore new, innovative and sustainable solutions together.

What potential do you see in Skåne regarding an innovative food sector?

– The extensive university research competence and entrepreneurial creativity in this region create a strong platform for innovation. Our region could and should take lead in the field of food tech by facilitating and supporting the growth of new companies with great ideas for sustainable solutions. Besides really making a difference and driving change, sustainable food tech innovations have huge business potential and show great opportunities for successful exports. 

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