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EWA säkrar hemmet

Ewa Home hjälper dig att övervaka och kontrollera vad som händer i ditt hem eller i hemmet av dina nära och kära. Detta är möjligt både när du är hemma eller borta, även från andra sidan jordklotet. Ewa Home hjälper dig att göra ditt hem smart – enkelt och snabbt!

Run by Magdalena and Stefan Gräff, EWA Solutions started when Magdalena Gräff saw a need for solutions that could help the elderly feel good at home and let relatives keep track of their families. The existing solutions were either too complicated or lacked important functions. She began to develop her own products and exhibited at expos like CIS in Barcelona, EFA in Berlin and Medica in Düsseldorf. Responses were good and led to a new approach.

– We started to develop our own solutions for elder care and different patient groups. But we quickly realized to be taken seriously, we needed to show that the solutions could be sold and received by a larger group. That led us to the Internet of Things and smart homes, explains Stefan Gräff.

Where do you stand now?
– It’s time to launch our first product. We call it a smarter smart plug. It gives allows you to control all of your home electronic equipment, even at a distance. It means both energy savings and increased security. There are similar products, but we have included more functions. At the same time, it must be easier to use and nicer to look at. People who buy Apple products should be interested in ours.

The product, in the premium segment, will first be sold in their web shop. Then the idea is to get into other e-commerce sites, particuarly in northern Europe.

How do you contribute to growth and benefit society?
– To maintain the quality of care the future, we must use existing technical possibilities. We see this need all over the world, not just in Sweden. In elder care, we see also that families want and need to play a larger role. At the same time, aids are lacking. There needs to be a link in the same platform that can include the families, the elderly and care. That’s why we want to develop solutions that contribute to a better and more proactive care that’s smart and affordable.

What have you gained from working with Innovation Skåne?
– Through Innovation Skåne, we have been able to pitch for the major mobile operators in Lund, which among other things led to a collaboration with TeliaSonera. Additionally, we are part of Innovation Skåne’s focus on the 50 most important mHealth companies in the Nordic region, (Nordic Connected Health Star Track) which can help us grow internationally. We also know they can helpful in the future to find partners and investors.

What do your future plans look like?
– We will probably offer consumer products as a core of our business. Our more long-term strategy for sustainability brings us back to care and mHealth where our products can create even more benefit and value.






Stefan Gräff

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