Innovation Skåne

Your idea can make the world a bit better

What we do

Innovation Skåne supports innovation and regional development in several ways.


We have a great track record and long experience from our startup support; offering entrepreneurs and innovators professional advice, relevant networking and partnerships. We help hundreds of entrepreneurs every year in their ambitions to become internationally successful companies, companies that create new jobs, solve global challenges and make the world a better place.


Do you have an innovative solution in health care or new industries such as materials or lighting? We provide access and guidance to external innovators and businesses with new solutions which could benefit from Region Skåne as a customer. The support includes testbeds, strategic partnerships, network and facilitation of connections to Region Skåne.

Another important focus area for us is seizing the opportunities for new industries to grow from research and other favorable conditions in this region such as new materials,  healthtech and lightning.

Developing the innovation system

We also work on constantly improving the climate for entrepreneurship and the Swedish innovation system. We interact with other innovation supporters here and around the world for new perspectives and ideas, we aim for smarter cooperation with established industries and help the government and public bodies understand the needs of stabile entrepreneurship. We import new methods from other countries, develop some on our own and try them out in pioneering projects. Right now we are in leadership of these projects: Business Incubation 2020, HealthTech Nordic and Materials Business Center. Our much appreciated method Power Hour and our industry partner program, where we work with Alfa Laval, E.On and Arla, are just a couple of the successful methods that we choose to keep in our tool box.


We don’t invest money in your company, we don’t lend you money, or buy shares of your company. We can help you find suitable first customers or investors. We don’t judge your idea, we help you find out what the intended market thinks. We won’t make decisions for you or do your job, we will however be a sounding board to you and offer our experiences from similar situations. We might even help you see greater possibilities with your idea than you imagined. (Other rules apply for Region Skåne employees) 

In numbers


Research shows that one new highly professional job in a fast growing company (innovative, entrepreneurial and international) creates three more new jobs within the broader labour market, for example in the service sector. That’s why we only work with ideas and entrepreneurs with the potential of becoming fast growing companies.


If Swedish businesses can claim 1 % of the estimated market for connected health devices in 2020, it would give 10.000 new jobs. That’s what we’re aiming for and we think we are quite modest.

Connected health is changing our lives.

To get to work hands-on with cutting edge technologies and solutions for a better healthcare is a privilege. I am in awe of the entrepreneurs and innovators who get to change the world as we know it, and it’s amazing to be part of the change that begins at our local hospitals, improving the quality of life for local patients – and that’s just the beginning.

Bengt Stavenow, Senior Advisor