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Innovation Skåne is the regional innovation company. We provide innovation management and innovation support for Region Skåne’s operations and employees. We run growth projects in industries where Skåne has strong capabilities and there’s an international growth potential and we help entrepreneurs and startups in Skåne with business advisory.

Our goal is to contribute to future public services and regional growth – through innovation. Together with Region Skåne’s operations, industry and other actors, we identify and develop new opportunities for innovation and growth that strengthen the region’s innovation capacity.

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Tender announcement

Innovation Skåne AB in project HealthTech Nordic invites you to a Direct Procurement concerning a digital tool / service for regulatory navigation that can be offered to our start–up members.  The aim is to keep up with the new and changed medical device regulations within EU and HealthTech Nordic predicts that there will be a need for this type…

Southern Swedish test bed aims to increase recycling of waste materials

This fall, a new Waste Identification Testbed is being launched in Southern Sweden aiming to accelerate the recycling of industrial waste. With the help of sensors and advanced robotics, the ability to identify and sort materials in…

Evolution Road Visitor Center – now open for visitors

Do you want to know more about Electric Roads? In close proximity to the Electric Road demonstrator on Getingevägen, Evolution Road’s visitor center is now open to the public. Here visitors can: Learn more about electric roads…


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