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In pictures: HealthTech Nordic’s strong presence at Vitalis 2019

HealthTech Nordic, the project we’re leading, once again had a strong presence at Vitalis, with conference talks, a stand with 15 exhibiting startups, community dinner, co-hosting of Demo@Vitalis and presenting the eHealth Award 2019.

Vitalis is the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia. Taking place annually in Gothenburg at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre it consists of two main parts, an exhibition and a conference. The three-day event is visited by many key individuals, organizations and companies operating in the Nordic countries. A growing number of delegates from outside the Nordics are also attending.

Here are this years’ highlights of our participation:

HealthTech Nordic’s Director Marianne Larsson on stage presenting the eHealth Award 2019 during Vitalis’ opening ceremony. The jury’s justification in the above video however is read by Ann-Marie Wennberg, Director at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

The eHealth Award is a collaboration between Vitalis, HealthTech Nordic, Cerner and Sahlgrenska Science Park. This year it was awarded for the third consecutive year and two of the three finalists were HealthTech Nordic startup member companies, the winner Cross Technology Solutions and Boneprox. Company EASY-Diabetes was also part of the final three.

Panel at Vitalis 2019

As one of the last items on the agenda during the first day of the conference, we hosted a session that looked at good examples from the Nordic countries when digitizing healthcare. Several well-known and well-informed people took time from their busy schedules to join us on stage:

  • Emma Spak, MD and coordinator at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL)
  • Daniel Forslund (L), Commissioner for Innovation and eHealth at Region Stockholm
  • Endre Sandvik, MD and Director of projects at Oslo municipality
  • Sofia Gerward, MD and manager at Region Skåne and innovation manager at Innovation Skåne
  • Henrik Kangro, MD and Chief Medical Officer at Min Doktor

The session was extremely well attended and many great examples on how to proceed when digitizing healthcare were shared on stage. Several difficult considerations connected to the paradigm shift into a digitized healthcare system were also discussed amongst the panel.

Here’s a longer blog post specifically focusing on this session (in Swedish).

Among many highlights from the session was the one where Endre Sandvik from Oslo municipality talked about one of the patients participating in one of the many digitizing projects they’ve run. The patient benefitting from new digital healthcare tools had concluded: “I haven’t been hospitalized during the last this year, before that the hospital was my home, and my home was my second home”.

Vitalis 2019

We had 15 startup members offering various solutions within healthtech exhibiting in our HealthTech Nordic stand, this year’s participants were: Accumbo, Bitoreq, Brain+, Dossier, Fysiotest, Gnosco, Goozo, Happy at Work, JodaCare, Learning to Sleep, Miiskin, Mevia, Nabodev, Poow Applications and Sirenia. Find out more about the startups here.

The stand was really a hub for anyone interested in talking innovative healthtech solutions and the paradigm shift in healthcare. HealthTech Nordic staff as well as the startups had many fruitful conversations during the three exhibition days. In the above picture is representatives from Swedish member company Nabodev in conversation with exhibition goers.


Apart from the 15 in our stand, another 14 startup members had their own stands at Vitalis. All of the total 29 were mapped out in the health web seen in our stand.

A look at the stand the day before the opening of the exhibition. Unfortunately the helium balloons in our stand didn’t keep up as well as the startups did during the three exhibition days.


Towards the end of the second day of Vitalis we hosted a mingle with the startup members, a very well attended event…


… which led to many great conversations. Here’s HealthTech Nordic’s Project Coordinator Margareta Wallentén in conversation.


As part of the Vitalis conference we hosted Demo@Vitalis, an event were companies had the chance to demonstrate their innovative products in front of an audience. HealthTech Nordic’s Project Coordinator Margareta Wallentén moderated the session and 12 of the 15 companies participating were startup members also exhibiting in our HealthTech Nordic stand. Here’s Margareta presenting Kari Huebner from Norwegian member company Dossier Solutions.

For anyone interested in learning about new digital healthtech solutions this sessions was indeed the one to attend at Vitalis.

Marianne Larsson on stage

Why does the eHealth industry grow in the Nordics and what social benefits does it provide? That was the topic for HealthTech Nordic’s Director Marianne Larsson’s talk during another session in the conference program.

In the above picture she describes how digital healthcare solution can help us help twice as many people as we can today – with the same resources. And by using the new technology provided by Nordic startups we also create new jobs in the region, which in turn lead to new tax revenues which we can invest in healthcare or other public needs.

Marianne responding to a question from the audience: Which Swedish company will be the next one conquering the world – the e-health equivalent to Spotify or Klarna?

Marianne responding to a question from the audience: If these new digital healthtech solutions lead to such great benefits for society, why don’t we see them being put to use more often?

Community dinner

In the evening of the first day of Vitalis we hosted a community dinner for all startup members and friends of HealthTech Nordic at a restaurant in close proximity to Vitalis. This is the third consecutive year we host this dinner and it just keeps growing in attendance! The dinner is a social event but it indeed also spawned many great discussions and many new potentially important connections were made.

During the last day of the conference we hosted a session together with Cerner to talk about how we can build open development partnerships to scale Nordic innovation. Cerner and Innovation Skåne are aligned in the support of Nordic healthtech companies, as they design and build digital tools for the health and care of citizens around the world.

Thanks to new cloud technologies and open APIs, which provide developers more consistent and scalable integrations across a global EMR footprint, the potential reach of Nordic inspired innovation is growing rapidly. During the session an upcoming joint effort looking into this very opportunity was discussed on stage with much interest from the audience.

This blog was also published at the HealthTech Nordic website.


Erik Sundberg

Communications Manager, Innovation Skåne



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