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ProVaHealth – Best Practice Sessions

ProVaHealth partners shared their best practices about how to improve business models and open up access to the services for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from the entire Baltic Sea region, to ensure health innovation and growth of health SMEs with global potential.

ProVaHealth is a project (2017-2020) that stimulates cooperation among health labs in the Baltic Sea region, which test new products and technologies in real-life contexts. The objectives are:

  • To create better collaboration between Health Living Labs in the Baltic Sea region
  • To ensure smooth access to Living Lab services for SMEs
  • To improve market uptake of new products and services in health
  • Enforcing innovation, creation of new enterprises and growth of SMEs
  • Improving people’s health, well-being and quality of life

The project’s main focus is to create better collaboration between Health Living Labs in the Baltic Sea Region. It is achieved by general knowledge transfer, networking and specific activities such as exchange of Living Labs services, in the form of actual test- and evaluation opportunities. SME´s from each partner region are able to test their solution in another partner region.

As part of the workshop organized in Lund January 21-22, presentations were conducted on six different thematic areas linked to a test bed’s activities/organization. The presentations were designed as a form of best practices for disseminating knowledge to project partners, but also outside the partner group. The Best Practices presentations were broadcasted live. Another part of the 2-day workshop was a visit to Ingvar Kamprad Designcentrum and the Design Sciences Research labs, 3D printing laboratory and Virtual Reality laboratory.

Best Practices presentations

Theme 1 – Services


Theme 2 – Involving real users and stakeholders


Theme 3 – Financial: Business model and sustainability


Theme 4 – SME´s: value proposition, attracting, process, pricing


Theme 5 – Activities


Theme 6 – Impact and results assessment, benefit realization



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