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The Future of Mobility – AI, 5G, connectivity and much more.

The Future of Mobility day was hosted by Ideon Science Park in co-operation with Innovation Skåne and Mobile Heights at this years Skåne Innovation Week. During the day a number of 200 visitors came to network, mingle and listen to our speakers and experts. We got to know about great initiatives, visions and ambitions from industry representatives, politicians, researchers and entrepreneurs. Innovation Skånes Melina Katkic and Per Löfberg both made anticipated presentations on AI /connectivity and the Elväg Syd project. Many of the presentations were filmed and are possible to watch at Ideon Science Parks Youtube channel.

Collaboration, sharing knowledge and embracing changes have been some of the key messages during the day and hopefully the future of mobility is not that far away.

Joakim Nelsons opening speach, emphasizing the possibilities of collaborations between public and private sector. The day covered Mobility from many perspectives, starting out with global, regional and local urbanisation and mobility trends.

Melina Katkic, Business Advisor and AI Expert, Innovation Skåne.
“I am here to unhype the hype of machine learning. Machine learning methods are divided into Supervised learning (remember fixed data & recognize similar), Unsupervised learning (see patterns and sort) and reinforcement learning (how a child learns, action-reward).”

Per Löfberg, Project Manager Elväg Syd, Innovation Skåne.
“With an intelligent road, you have a solution that is safe to use in urban settings”

Louise Eklund, Deputy Governor of Skåne at Region Skåne and new chairman at Innovation Skånes board.

“Skåne offers a world-class quality of life. This year 100% of public transportation is now fossil free…Skåne is a border region belonging to the String network, reaching from Oslo to Hamburg. This is an integrated cross border region working together driving change in sustainability…Skåne leads innovation in our 3 focus areas, Smart sustainable cities, personal health and smart materials.”

Per Persson, Director of Innovation and Business Promotion at City of Lund, Smart mobility within the Smart Community. “It is important for Lund to work with the academia and companies collaboratively and use the city as a test platform for good solutions. We want to work with the best people in the world”

The Future of Mobility day provided us with the big picture, visions, goals and agendas of their organisation’s work within mobility solutions. Including transportation, infrastructure, energy sector, sustainable solutions, AI, 5G, connectivity and much more.




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