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The HealthTech Nordic Conference 2019

The fully booked HealthTech Nordic Conference raised beyond all expectations. 200 guests were given presentations of international outlooks, open innovation platforms, possibilities and paradigm shifts for the public healthcare sector and panel discussions by an astonishing line up of speakers.

The HealthTech Nordic Conference was organized November 19th, in Copenhagen by HealTech Nordic, Invest In Skåne, Cobis, Norway HealthTech, Sahlgrenska Science Park and Smile Incubator, in order to showcase the Nordic healthtech expansion onto new international markets. Leading to vast improvements in healthcare – better quality and accessibility, proactive solutions, cost reduction and improved patient experience and working conditions for professionals.

The conference was held in conjunction with HealthTech Nordic Investor Forum where selected Nordic HealthTech startups, with strong international ambitions and world-class scalable solutions, and European investors, with interest in HealthTech, meet. The aim was to establish relevant contacts that can grow to fruitful relationships leading to funding for growth.

The HealthTech Nordic Conference boasted an impressive program highlighting the HealthTech Nordic community of 247 startups, of which 30% are selling internationally and reaching 3,5 million users worldwide.

The conference was broadcast live and can be watched here.

Here are the highlights of the day:

Investor outlook, panel discussion and trend spotting by Fredrik Lindqvist, Invest in Skåne, Ekaterina Gianelli Inventure, Ignasi Heras Nina Capital and Patrik Sobocki Industrifonden. “The Nordics represents the top of the top – we’re very good at innovating”, Patrick Sobocki on why the Nordics are world leaders in HealthTech.

Distinguished panel with Endre Sandvik Oslo Kommun, Sofia Gerward Region Skåne/Innovation Skåne, Agneta Granström formerly Region Norrbotten and Fredrik Koffner Cuviva sharing possibilities for the public sector in healthcare and healthtech. A vital part of empowering patients and care professionals to improve health. See full panel discussion on how digital solutions change the life of patients in the video:

Sara Emond from United Nations Office for Project – Global Innovation Centrer presented why they are establishing a global innovation ecosystem and how startups can be part of changing the world via the UN. The first innovation challenge will be published November 22 at

“The problem is that our current systems are old and lack functions” Pelle Johnsson Region Skåne on why the regions is creating a new health system with Cerner to improve health of region inhabitants and improve working conditions for healthcare professionals. He also listed the possibilities with AI for the future of public healthcare:

  • help predict risk
  • turn verbal information and free text into structured, coded data
  • interpret images within morphology
  • improve clinical decision support systems
  • connect to patient’s in everyday situations
  • maybe transform into being “The new Art of Medicine”

Carolina Wallenius Cerner presented two trends of the future at the HealthTech Nordic Conference: democratization of knowledge and openness of ecosystems. “Healthcare is too important to stay the same” said Caroline and referred to Cerner and Innovation Skånes collaboration. They are creating new possibilities for startups to scale internationally through open plattforms (SE). See the full presentation in the video:

The conference was designed to give startups the possibility to demonstrate their products during mingel breaks. Visitors and investors were welcomed to test, discuss functions and give feedback to the products that were showcased.

The conference highlighted international growth by giving successful international Nordic startups the opportunity to present their perspectives, both successes and adversities. International perspectives were given from:

  • US by Dan Pitulia and Philip Sidberg Coala Life and Kristil Håland JodaCare
  • India by Dinesh Chaturvedi Cogant Consulting
  • Netherlands by Karthik Srinivasan Next Step Dynamics
  • Brazil by Charlotta Tönsgård Kind
  • Canada by Kathrine Myhre Norway Health Tech
  • UK by Kim Baden-Kristensen Brain+
  • Peru by Aldo Vermiglio Innovation Skåne

In conclusion they recommended startups to choose the right market for the business and get to know it. The Nordic market is small, so think and act global from the beginning in order to scale rapidly. One of the most vital parts is to build a team with the right people – both in the Nordics and at the international market. See all international perspectives in the video below.

The HealthTech Nordic Investor Forum enabled 200 meetings between startups and investors during the day. It conducted intense networking – with a combination of investor and startup pitches and one-to-one meetings.“Like a dinner table with no food or drinks” said Fredrik Lindqvist, Invest in Skåne, when summarizing the the Investor Forum.

The HealthTech Nordic conference ended with ” The world’s perspective on the Nordics” by Michael Booth, journalist and author. “For foreigners it’s like a dog looking at the TV, they see things moving around but they don’t understand how it works” said Michael on how people outside of the Nordics view healthcare in the region. See Michaels take on the Nordic stereotypes – sisu, lagom, hygge, consensus and oil – and you will hopefully laugh as much as the participants did.


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