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Professional business guidance

Innovation Skåne’s business advisory is available for those who have an innovative business concept with international potential. It doesn’t matter if you only have the idea written down on a napkin or been in business for long – you’ll receive the help you need in your current situation, and for as long as you need it. The condition is that you have the ambition and potential of building an internationally growing company and that you wish to have access to professional business advisors along the way.

Our business advisors are themselves skilled entrepreneurs with experience from many different industries. Furthermore, most of them work part-time with us and spend the rest of their working days as business executives, investors or board members. In addition to our business advisors, we often collaborate with experts in areas such as IPR (idea and patent rights), recruitment and financing. As a client, this allows you to access a large and relevant network of customers, investors, recruiters, researchers, clusters and incubators. And perhaps above all else – other entrepreneurs and innovators that you can exchange experiences and tips with at our events.

We contribute to the growth in Skåne and have made a difference for entrepreneurs in the region for over 20 years. Our business advices are free of charge for innovators and contractors in Skåne. If you are interested in starting a clinic, you can get industry-specific business advice through our special program of entrepreneurship in healthcare.

Please note: We don’t invest money in your company, we don’t lend you money, or buy shares of your company. We can however help you find suitable first customers or investors. We don’t judge your idea, we help you find out what the intended market thinks. We won’t decide for you or do your job, we will however be a sounding board to you and offer our experiences from similar situations – we might even help you see greater possibilities with your idea than you imagined. If we understand that we’re not the right advisor for you, we can help you find another organization that can support you and your company’s development.

In numbers


We are 10 business advisors who guide more 100 entrepreneurs a year. Together we have about 200 years of business experience and thousands of relevant contacts.

A few companies we've worked with

Scandinavia Form inspires internationally

Eva Levin is the designer and creative leader behind the brand Scandinavia Form. The company was founded in 2014 when Eva had launched her first series of vases, and has since made a rapid growth. Now, four…

Vultus is eliminating waste in farming

 Vultus AB is the Lund-based company which evolved from idea to global business in barely two years. With a few good advice along the way, a firm vision and a balanced team, Vultus has succeeded in…

Multibillion-dollar market aim for app enabling users to create calculator apps

NeoSupport is the company behind Calcapp, the app that enables its users to build calculator apps. The company aims high and see a multibillion-dollar market for their product. The road there however is long, which is why…

Movinspire aims to go international

To build a successful business takes perseverance and many good advices says Movinspire’s founder Anders Wojnicki. But thanks to just that, support and good advices, from amongst others Innovation Skåne’s business advisors, Movinspire now aims for the…

Healthy Heroes save the kids from sugar

Amanda Larsson, CEO and one of the founders of Healthy Heroes, is looking back at 3.5 years of hard work and some heavy setbacks. But working for something you are passionate about and truly believe in, make…

Sponsored solar energy for a better world

Luv Solar – a brighter future through sponsored solar energy. Individuals get access to free and clean energy. Businesses build long-term customer relations and stronger brands. That’s how Luv Solar wants to turn marketing money into a greater…

Eazpac’s potential market is 130 billion caps per year

From a Småland kitchen to the global market, Hassan Moghaddam has created a tight-fitting plastic cap to cover food. What started as five Powerpoint slides is now on its way to becoming a billion-dollar industry. – Everybody…

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