Innovation Skåne

Business Incubation 2020

Business Incubation 2020 is a project with the mission to support entrepreneurship in southern Sweden through increased collaboration, within the innovation system and with established trade and industry. Innovation Skåne initiated this project to ensure that we all benefit from each others strength and specialist knowledge, and through various activities we will offer an improved innovation system and attract even more entrepreneurs.

The project partners are: Blekinge Business Incubator, Ideon innovation, Innovation Skåne, Lund Life Science Incubator, Krinova Science Park, MINC, Region Skåne and the European Regional Development Fund. We share the responsibility to deliver on the project goals: To contribute to 300 new full time jobs, support to 275 entrepreneurs, attract more entrepreneurs to benefit from the innovation support system, attract more women and immigrants to entrepreneurship, increase the speed to market for the startups through collaboration with established trade & industry, initiate more international business deals and more efficient incubation.

You can contact any of us and get in touch with all of us! We welcome you as entrepreneur or industry, to take part of this opportunity.

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