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Eazpac’s potential market is 130 billion caps per year

From a Småland kitchen to the global market, Hassan Moghaddam has created a tight-fitting plastic cap to cover food. What started as five Powerpoint slides is now on its way to becoming a billion-dollar industry.

– Everybody certainly knows the frustration of saving food with plastic wrap. I wanted to make it easier with a product that is better for both people and the environment, explains Hassan Moghaddam, CEO and founder of Eazpac.

Hassan Moghaddam describes Eazycover as a further development and fusion of household plastic wrap and shower caps. Eazycover has become an affordabl quality product that can be produced with few resources and without the chemical additives necessary to make plastic sticky. It is designed for both domestic households and the HoReCa industry that includes hotels, restaurants and cafeterias.

The company and expansion

Eazycover is already for sale to domestic markets and HoReCa industries in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Availability will continue to expand, first and foremost to Germany and France. The plan is global—Eazycover wants to be as legitimate as the plastic wrap you have at home.

– Our vision is to be in every home around the world. Eazycover should be just as obvious on your shopping list as 1-, 3-, and 5-liter bags, explains Hassan.

Opportunities for growth are many. It’s a product without cultural barriers. Eazypac is already patented in several countries. And the potential global market for both restaurants and households is estimated at 130 billion caps per year.

Back where it began

During a sabbatical year, Hassan Moghaddam worked in industry in a small town in Småland. Today, he has started his new industry in the same town, where the production of Eazycover is ongoing and about to increase.
– It’s extremely cool to come to the factory and see something that started with a simple idea now employs others, helps families and powers lives.

Hassan himself designed and developed the factory’s machines with a mechanical workshop.
– It was fun to use my education. I’m actually trained as a mechanical engineer.

How do you contribute to growth and benefit society?
– We as a company create jobs and revenue for Sweden, which means we generate tax money that contributes to the standard functions of society as well as to Almi and Innovation Skåne. In this way, we help others to be able to realize their ideas. The product itself contributes by reducing the use of plastic and chemicals and hopefully reducing food waste.

What have you gained from working with Innovation Skåne?
– They have been there from the beginning. I had daily contact with them for 2 years, particularly with Margareta Wallentén and Marianne Larsson. It is hard to know what you need help with and when. Through Innovation Skåne we have gained access to a wide range of knowledge in everything from patent issues and investments to sales. If they could not help, they found someone who could. For example, they helped us come in contact with investments through Tillväxtverket and Connect Skåne.

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