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Healthy Heroes save the kids from sugar

Amanda Larsson, CEO and one of the founders of Healthy Heroes, is looking back at 3.5 years of hard work and some heavy setbacks. But working for something you are passionate about and truly believe in, make it a journey worthwhile. Soon they will be launching both new products and a new brand strategy. One of Amanda Larsson’s best advices is to dare to ask for help, she herself got in contact with Innovation Skåne’s business advisors at an early stage and they helped nudge Healthy Heroes in the right direction.

It all began with a team challenge in Young Enterprising in high school. A group of four were about to come up with a smart business idea. Deadline for submission approached, but no idea was in sight. The group was close to giving up when a team member had to go home baking granola to a sibling. They began joking about making cereals for kids for their business idea. From talking about it with only a jokey tone without any anchoring to a potential business idea, something changed and the group started to consider it…

Market potential discovered

A discussion started about the actual supply of cereals targeted to kids. How does the packaging look like and how nutritional are cereals aimed for kids? After some research they came to the conclusion that the nutritional cereals have boring packaging, while the fun packaging targeted to kids contained a lot of sugar. The superhero idea was born. A super hero as a symbol for a healthy granola with a mission to save the kids from sugar. The ambition was to make a tasty and healthy granola with a design that will appeal to kids.

The idea gave the group a second place in the Sweden Championship in Young Enterprising. Despite huge competition, the group was not satisfied with a second place. So, after graduation they started as a registered company and the search for producers started. It was a bumpy road and as late as February 2018 Healthy Heroes found a producer who could both bake and package their granola in the same place. Until then they had puzzled together their own production chain with partners scattered all over Skåne.

Support from Innovation Skåne

It was time for Healthy Heroes to reach out and make themselves a name, in a rather complex food industry, now, Innovation Skåne came into their picture. They got in touch with business advisors Thomas Torounidis and Mikaela Färnqvist.

In what way did the Business Advisors assist you?
– Advancing Healthy Heroes in the right direction, they helped us with a business model, trademark and financial advice at an early stage. The business advisors at Innovation Skåne helped us create a successful business-pitch. A strong business-pitch is essential in order to be able to shortly present your company in an interesting and selling way. We also got a sales training course from Adsensus funded by Innovation Skåne, which was great, says Amanda.

Due to the fact our pitch was so strong we got invited to the food day in Stockholm, where they met the really big players in the industry, tells Amanda. The launch of Knasters Granola took place in June 2017, in ten Ica-stores. Right now the main focus is on product development and new graphic profile. Knasters Granola will get a new name and a new costume, but their idea to make healthy and nutritious granola for kids is unshaken. The launch of the new graphical profile, and the result of the new brand is set to August 2018. Healthy Heroes focuses on becoming a Lifestyle brand, a brand you want to be associated with and start a community around it.

What advice would you give to others who are in the beginning of their startup journey?
– To dare! Dare to ask for help from others and tell people around your about your idea it often gives good input. We live some way after positive naivety and the quote. “I have never done this before so I will manage for sure”. It doesn’t have to be a negative factor lacking experience, you can always find your own ways forward. Where we are in five years? We will have our own shelf at Ica maxi, of course, says Amanda with a smile.

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