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Movinspire aims to go international

To build a successful business takes perseverance and many good advices says Movinspire’s founder Anders Wojnicki. But thanks to just that, support and good advices, from amongst others Innovation Skåne’s business advisors, Movinspire now aims for the international market. 

Movinspire is one of the companies that Innovation Skåne’s business advisors have been working closely with for a longer period of time. The company is also member of HealthTech Nordic, a project led by Innovation Skåne that supports the development of companies with digital healthcare solutions.
– The business counseling has been a sounding board in the process developing our product and company. They have helped us develop faster and to find solutions when needed. We have received support to identify and develop partnerships with investors, organizations and partners, says Anders Wojnicki.

What is Movinspire?
Movinspire is the physiotherapist dailytool and their clients workout buddy! Movinspire helps physiotherapists work smarter and more professionally. The clients will be more motivated and are more successful with their training. Movinspire replaces the hand drawn stick figures and systems on the market with a premium-app with features and content to satisfy the client’s needs. Movinspire is developed by a team with an eye on the market and an understanding of the industry challenges with focus on digitally driven opportunities, says Anders Wojnicki.

What made you start the business?
– I exercise regularly and when I got an injury, I visited a physiotherapist. After the examination I got a few exercises to do at home. The physiotherapist gave me hand drawn stick figures and written instructions, I had difficulty deciphering the instructions, and to stay motivated carrying out the rehabilitation. Rickard Dahan, who is the physiotherapist in the team, with experience from both elite and regular training, has recognized difficulties from a professional perspective. He wants to easily create and share training programs with clients to provide them with individually tailored exercises, and stick figures and the existing tools simply does not do it,saysAnders Wojnicki.

Anders says that the journey with Movinspire has been full of challenges. To stay up to date with the clients’ needs and the technological development for instance, but also to get the team behind Movinspire to work together. Anders have learned a lot and he’s happy to share his insights with other entrepreneurs:
– Perseverance and develop close to the customers. Trying to find smart solutions to the challenges that pop up, which is much easier in hindsight than when you are facing them. And of course, connect with the business advisors at Innovation Skåne, says Anders Wojnicki.

Movinspire aim to become an international company and a top-of-mind brand.
– We want to be the first choice of tool for physical therapists, personal trainers, and clients, says Anders Wojnicki.

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