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Vultus is eliminating waste in farming

Vultus AB is the Lund-based company which evolved from idea to global business in barely two years. With a few good advice along the way, a firm vision and a balanced team, Vultus has succeeded in making a splash in the international agriculture Industry.

– Vultus enables farmers to save up to 40% of their use of fertilizers, with the help from satellite based fertilize recommendations. So far we have been working with partners across Europe and reached a little more than double the total growing area of Sweden.

Making Vultus sprout

– In the first stages of Vultus, we were talking to farmers to learn more about their issues and how we could apply technology to help them solve it. We soon identified fertilization as a problem, but started out using drones to scan the fields and gather the data.

However this method was ineffective and expensive, and the team decided to change focus towards satellite data instead. During the process, Vultus also made a shift in business strategy and went from targeting farmers directly, to build software for integration with larger platforms in the agriculture industry.

Team is key

As we speak, the Vultus team consists of 11 people from 9 different countries with a range of competencies.

– One of the challenging aspects of scaling the business has been to learn what makes a great team and finding the right people. We realized a strong team is equally as important as a strong business model. You can’t function properly without either. Now we have learned not to hurry the process, and the importance of finding the right match for us rather than just growing the team.

Support from Innovation Skåne

Innovation Skåne has been involved in the journey of Vultus from the very beginning. When Robert first got in touch with Innovation Skåne, Vultus was only a set of ideas and Robert wanted some inputs and feedback. When forming the company, the support from Innovation Skåne remained.

– We have had continous conversations with Innovation Skåne, and gotten help with a lot of different areas of business; Including strategy, how to approach partnerships and internal structure.

– We have had quite a lot of use of Innovation Skåne and it has been very great to have them with us through this journey.

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