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Cross Mobility

There is a need for green mobility that ensures a geographically cohesive labor market, supports rural life and reduces CO2 emissions from transport – that is the task for the transport of the future in Greater Copenhagen.

Therefore, 17 partners, consisting of eight municipalities, the Capital Region of Denmark, Innovation Scania, Gate 21, Mobile Heigts, Concito, 4-Leaf Consulting, Roskilde University and DTU Diploma, have joined forces in an interregional project to change transport in Greater Copenhagen. The Cross-Mobility project will promote green mobility for citizens with new mobility solutions, such as car sharing, carpooling and new high-speed bicycles, to support accessibility in and across the geography of Greater Copenhagen. The project will work to strengthen the interaction across modes of transport, municipal and national borders and across country and city.

It must be easy to choose green transport

In Greater Copenhagen, car traffic and CO2 emissions from transport are increasing. Outside the major cities, more and more people are becoming addicted to driving. The project will pave the way for citizens throughout the geography to choose green transport in everyday life.

Many new solutions such as car sharing, carpooling, sharing electric bikes, speed pedelecs and better combination travel are emerging, but it requires an effort to spread and support the new solutions outside the larger cities where there is no commercial market. The project will initially try to introduce more of these solutions in new geographies by involving the citizens and together creating new solutions. This makes Mobility Across unique in relation to previous Interreg projects. Based on the implementation, the partners in the project will conceptualize the overall solutions so that they can be spread and scaled to other cities.

We work with the following themes:

  • Sustainable mobility in the village in Living Labs, where we test and create mobility solutions in living laboratories in collaboration with the citizens.
  • New mobility solutions in and outside major cities – is about how to get better accessibility to public transport with, for example, sharing bikes and electric scooters and better combination between electric car and train by spreading charging stations at stations, etc.
  • Carpooling across city and country has been selected as a more cross-cutting theme that transcends geography and as a topic we must promote for better use of cars in the future.
  • The road users of the future is a theme that complements the other themes. It examines how young people, who are more open and receptive to change, can solve their transport sustainably.

To ensure scaling of the new mobility solutions implemented in the project, there will be a special focus on building knowledge and sharing experiences across actors in the field of transport in a Mobility Forum – Greater Copenhagen (more information to the right) and a Regional Mobility Center, which showcases the latest mobility solutions.

Through the themes and the circle of partners, the project is expected to result in six scalable concepts within new green mobility solutions and services:

  • First / last mile concept
    The concept consists of creating more opportunities for citizens in the countryside to use public transport, so they are not dependent on driving their own car.
  • Carpooling concept
    The purpose is to fill the means of transport with passengers, so as to utilize the means of transport’s full capacity and avoid congestion on the roads.
  • Concept for electric car / train combination
    It must be easier to transport to the train stations, which can be, for example, by driving to the station by electric car. Therefore, more charging stations must be spread out at the stations, so that it is easier for citizens to use the electric car.
  • Concept for combination travel
    It must be easier for citizens to combine their journey, so it is more attractive to choose green mobility solutions rather than driving in your own car.
  • Concept for green transport package for citizens
  •  Concept for the road users of the future
    The young people are the road users of the future. It is important to focus on their transport habits so that you can create sustainable mobility solutions that meet their needs.


    Danish municipalities: Fredensborg, Frederiksberg, Slagelse, Roskilde and Lejre
    Swedish municipalities: Sjöbo, Tomelilla and Lund
    Other actors: Region Hovedstaden, Innovation Skåne, Gate 21, Mobile Heights, Concito,
    4 Leaf Consulting, Movia, Roskilde University and DTU Diploma

    The project runs between April 2020 – September 2022.

    The project is financed by:

  • Interreg logotyp


Mobility Forum – Greater Copenhagen works to make it easy for everyone in Greater Copenhagen to choose green modes of transport and switch between them. To ensure that citizens’ everyday transport is easy and accessible, it is important that the actors behind it work closely together. Therefore, the collaboration forum brings together the actors across projects, modes of transport, city and country and across the Sound.

Do you want to join?
The Forum is the place where public authorities, private companies and knowledge institutions share practical knowledge and experiences from mobility projects. We do this to create new collaborations and scale good mobility solutions. Together in Mobility Forum, we create sustainable, cohesive mobility for the citizens of Greater Copenhagen!

Welcome to participate in our Linkedin-group, (Mobility Forum – Greater Copenhagen) or contact innovation manager Malin Larsson.