Innovation Skåne

Digital support from doctors at a distance

Region Skåne will offer a qualified medical support from doctors at a distance by using new, digital technology, thereby reducing dependence on the geographical location of the care. Within primary care, there are good opportunities to create improvements using digital solutions based on needs and developed in close collaboration with patients and employees.

The project has its base in Hässleholm and Osby and involves Hässleholm Hospital, the health centers and the municipal healthcare in Osby. Services such as medical consultation via digital channels, digital tools for mobile teams and self-monitoring should be tested.

The project is related to the recommendations of Swedish Government Official Reports Good quality, local health care – A primary care reform (SOU 2018:39)  which will support county councils, authorities and organizations in the work of developing a modern, equal, accessible and effective health and medical care in primary care.

During the spring of 2019, the project collaborated with Malmö University on service design in healthcare to identify the need for services within the concept of Close Care. The students’ reports – Service design, can be found in the right column of this web site.

The project was inspired by Glesbygdsmedicinskt Centrum in Västerbotten County Council, which has worked with the development of digital e-health services in sparsly populated areas for many years.

The project is underway within the framework of the regional director’s decision on digital renewal within primary care and is based on Region Skåne’s strategy for e-health.

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