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Digitization of the pregnancy process


Women’s health and childbirth care are prioritized areas in the healthcare sector in Skåne. Regional and national surveys and reports show that the number of births and risk pregnancies is increasing, access to parental education is uneven and the need for knowledge transfer between care and the pregnant couple is increasing.

Innovation Skåne has during 2017-2018, worked on a digitization project within the Skåne maternity health care system. The result is now summarized in the report Digital tjänst mödrahälsovården (in Swedish).

The primary focus of the project was to create a digital solution that would give the pregnant woman a user-friendly digital service that can contribute with safety and participation during pregnancy with the opportunity to assist with information and knowledge based on the pregnant mother’s individual needs. A solution where the pregnant woman can find functionalities like listing and booking for the midwife reception, feedback from questionnaires, journal entries, test responses and individually customized training and information, as well as important contact information in one and the same interface.

Within the framework of the project, a collaboration was established with Malmö University, whose design students have visualized and conceptualized ideas for solutions (two examples at the bottom of the page).

The report consists of five parts that can be read separately. The main report contains a description of the activities and proposals for solutions that the project has come up with. Then there is the compilation from a workshop that was done with midwives in the autumn of 2017 as well as compilation of interviews with midwives, pregnant and new parents (divided into two appendices). The final appendix is a report in which the maternal health care system is used as a case for testing different measurement methods for evaluating development and innovation and which was part of Innovations Skåne’s mission to develop a control model for the development of the digitization of healthcare.

The project has been completed for Innovation Skåne’s part and the responsibility for utilizing the project’s work and realizing the digital solution has been handed over to those who are responsible for the patient portal and the workstream “obstetrics” within Region Skåne’s new health informatic system (including EHR). It will contribute to the digital solution for pregnancy monitoring and women’s health that will be developed within the framework of the new informatic system.

The project was carried out on behalf of the Regional Director and the Healthcare Board in Region Skåne.

Two digital solution proposals developed in collaboration with students in service design at Malmö University.


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