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EVolution Road

Unique southern Swedish project paves the way towards fossil free transportation

In Skåne, Sweden, a unique project is currently underway. With the goal of reducing dependency on fossil fuel and finding sustainable alternatives for the transportation of people and goods on our roads, the project EVolution Road – former Elväg Syd – will demonstrate and test an electric road system.

In short, a kilometer-long stretch of road, at Getingevägen in Lund in southern Sweden, will be built out with rails that can automatically charge the batteries of electric vehicles as they drive on the EVolution Road.

EVolution Road is a unique solution, that provide a conductive connection through an attachment under the electric vehicle. The attachment connects to the road by sliding along the rails, transmitting power and charging the vehicles’s batteries. The concept works both while the vehicle is driving and when it is stationary.

A complete system for electric roads
Built by EVolution Road, the system does not only provide charging the vehicles’s batteries but also include intelligent wireless communication between the road and vehicles, automated payments and security solutions.

– Segments, each one meter in length, are activated in rapid sequence under the vehicle, and are otherwise turned off. This makes the solution safe both in front of and behind the vehicle, which also makes it work in ordinary city traffic, says Per Löfberg, project manager at Innovation Skåne.

EVolution Road will be built in the first quarter of 2020 and the project will last for three years. The primary test vehicle will be a city bus and ordinary traffic will flow undisturbed throughout the test period.

Why electric roads?
Among the most important benefits of electric roads is the fact that it significantly reduces the vehicle’s battery size. This leads to benefits such as less environmental impact and lighter vehicles that allow you to carry more goods or passengers. Charging while driving also eliminates the need for downtime to charge the batteries, which saves time.

Other benefits of the electric roads:

– It uses existing road infrastructure
– It has high efficiency which can lower costs
– Electricity can be produced from a variety of sustainable sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

Why EVolution Road?
There are several different solutions for electric road technology. The technology that is to be tested in Lund has advantages such as:
– It can be used both in urban and rural areas.
– It can be used by different sizes of vehicles.
– The concept allows charging both when stationary and while traveling.

The Swedish Transport Administration is principal financier
EVolution Road is one of two consortia in Sweden who have been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to build demonstration facilities for electric roads. The purpose is to broaden the knowledge base on electric roads and to understand the potential of electric road as one of the solutions in a future fossil free transport system. EVolution Road has a total budget of SEK 96 million, of which the Swedish Transport Administration is providing funding of SEK 84 million and the remaining funding is provided by the partners in the consortium. Read more about the Swedish Transport Administration’s electric road program (in Swedish)

Cooperation between industry, university and the public sector
Sprung from research and development by the Swedish company Elonroad AB together with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Lund, this cutting-edge project is a cooperation between partners from the industry, academia and public sector.

Innovation Skåne AB is the project manager, other partners are Kraftringen Energi AB, Lund municipality, Ramboll AB, Skånetrafiken, Solaris Sverige AB and the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI.

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