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How we work

We validate and develop ideas from employees in Region Skåne which can become products or services with clear benefits and commercial potential. The idea may be relevant to Region Skåne’s own operations as well as a wider market.

We help to model and develop your idea technically, commercially and legally. If needed we bring partners onboard to help out in your specific case and we work with proven and effective methods. After you’ve sent us your idea you can take part in the progressing work to varying degrees during the course of the project.

The three work phases


The brightest ideas for new solutions are often found among the people who work closely to the organization’s challenges.

That’s why we meet with Region Skåne employees, in for instance workplace meetings, workshops, conferences and personal meetings – for two-way inspiration and to stimulate innovation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to book a meeting suiting you or your organization.

We look closely at all ideas submitted to us.

Define and package

In the first phase, we do a thorough analysis of the idea. We use a proven model called NABC (Need, Approach, Benefit, Competition), where we investigate whether the idea fulfill a relevant need, if there is a possible technical solution to the underlying problem, what benefits the intended product would provide and ensure that there are no other products already available solving the problem. In other words, we assess the commercial potential of the intended product.

If we can establish a commercial potential, we develop a project plan to progress the idea. At this stage, we also sign a cooperation agreement between Region Skåne, Innovation Skåne and you who supplied the idea. The agreement include forms of cooperation, ownership rights and a commitment on our part to compensate you financially as the project progress past certain milestones. The conclusion of the cooperation agreement is the first milestone.

If the idea doesn’t meet the criteria, we will still try to help you. If, for example, there is already a similar product or service on the market we will help you make contact with suitable units within Region Skåne.

After the analysis phase, we enter the development phase. We then work, often in collaboration with external partners, such as technical consulting companies, universities and, of course, relevant business units within Region Skåne, to further develop the idea. The work could include further analysis, defining a viable technical solution, applying for patents, making prototypes and conducting concrete user tests.

Throughout the entire work process, the idea is continuously evaluated and it happens, although our goal is always to push the idea all the way to a finished product or service, that the project is re-evaluated and terminated.


The developed idea, which in this phase can be equated to an often well-defined hypothetical product, is then offered to commercial companies to license or purchase for further development towards a finished product provided at the open market. The company acquiring  the project receives a package containing a large part of the basic preparation, such as testing of functional prototypes under relevant conditions and securing intellectual property rights.

When the company acquire responsibility for furthering the product development, we are to some extent still involved. This final development is time-consuming and extensive, not least because often government permits have to be obtained to ensure, for example, medical safety.

Are you employed in Region Skåne and have an idea of a new promising product or service? Read more and submit your idea here.


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