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2020-03-20 | Uncategorized

The covid-19 pandemic is currently making business very difficult for many startups. Many of the startups we work with tell of difficulties keeping the business running and that it will be difficult in the long term to manage financing.

The crisis triggered by the pandemic is difficult to navigate, but there is support available. In general, we advise startups to take note of the information that is continuously provided through incubators and science parks. We also recommend the’s compilation of information and links from several relevant authorities.

Startups that have contact with Innovation Skåne’s business advisers are also encouraged to contact their advisers for advice and support when needed. The business advisory continues as usual, and naturally it currently has a particular focus on the covid-19 development and the consequences the pandemic has.

Innovation Skåne will continuously convey information through our business advisors and digital channels that may be of particular value to startups in the current situation.

Update 24 March:

Business Emergency Hotline

Region Skåne is launching a business emergency hotline to provide advice and support to small and medium sized companies in Skåne in regard to the covid-19 epidemic. Among other things, the hotline will advise on the national crisis packages and how to apply for credit, deferment of paying taxes and short-term permits.

The business emergency hotline can be reached on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm on telephone 040-675 34 80 or via

The initiative is temporary and combine resources from several actors in the region: Innovation Skåne, Almi, Invest in Skåne and Tourism in Skåne. Almi leads the work.

Additionally, Region Skåne is strengthening Almi with increased resources to even better assist companies in Skåne so that they can take advantage of the national corporate loans made available in the government’s crisis package. Here is information from Almi regarding covid-19.