Innovation Skåne

Innovation Skåne new strategic partner in Danish cluster organisation Gate 21

2018-11-21 | Innovation expertise, Projects

Innovation Skåne, the regional innovation company in Skåne, is a new strategic partner in Danish Gate 21. The partnership lays the foundation for strengthened cooperation on innovation and growth projects in Greater Copenhagen. 

Gate 21 is a member organization consisting of 90 regions, municipalities, companies and scientific institutions, mainly in Denmark. Innovation Skåne and Gate 21 have previously co-operated in projects in mobility and smart lighting. The new partnership lays the foundation for future collaboration.

– In Gate 21, we get a strong Danish partner with a project portfolio within sustainable growth, smart cities and mobility. It is a very positive partnership where the respective organizations’ competencies strengthen each other, such as Gate 21’s experience in sustainability and green conversion and Innovation Skåne’s experience in growth projects, says Joakim Nelson, CEO of Innovation Skåne.

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