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Innovation Skåne strengthen the business advisory team with new advisors focused on AI, machine learning and blockchain

2018-05-17 | Business Advisory Services, Innovation expertise

Innovation Skåne has hired Melina Katkic and Kinga Broel-Plater to further strengthen the business advisory team. Both advisors have extensive international experience and have worked in areas of high interest to entrepreneurs in south Sweden, for instance fintech and disruptive technologies such as AI and machine learning.

Melina Katkic will work as a business advisor within fintech and technologies such as AI, blockchain and big data. Meilina’s background is in computer science and she started out as a software engineer. She has continued to work with new technologies as well as a project manager within finance and insurance at companies such as SimCorp and Accenture. Parallel to her role as a business advisor at Innovation Skåne, Melina is also running her own business and is a co-founder of an AI network.

Kinga Broel-Plater has worked in finance and tech in London for many years, employed as a broker and head of business for capital markets, sales and trading by companies such as Citigroup and J.P. Morgan. Kinga’s work experience also include roles such as executive coach and support for entrepreneurs, in London as well as in Sweden through, most recently, Sony Mobile’s Next Step-program.

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