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New perspectives on municipal home care

2019-09-05 | Innovation expertise

When you invite people, into an environment unknown to them, new thoughts may arise. Especially when it comes to students whose education is about thinking new.

Innovation Skåne again took the help of service design students from Malmö University to identify needs for services in healthcare. Last year, they made proposals linked to maternal health care’s offer to families and this year, the municipal home health care linked to what is called Close Care. The aim was to get new ideas for the project Digital support from doctors at a distance.

Most of the students had very little knowledge of the assignment the municipalities have for care and could therefore take on the assignments with new eyes. The students have, by using a systematic method of designing services, asked healthcare staff, the elderly in the home health care and their relatives what support they want and in what way they want to be able to access it. They investigated, among other things, how to build trust between professionals using digital tools, how the elderly can experience increased security in the home and what communication a family member wants when their partner or parent lives in retirement homes.

Bengt Stavenow, Head of Innovation Management in Innovation Skåne is pleased with the results.
– Before this year’s event, we stretched the arch further and chose a challenge with greater complexity and a context that was a little more difficult than last year. Nevertheless, we see that all groups have identified relevant design challenges and shown solutions that we believe we can continue to implement in many contexts.

Mutual learning by inviting students

Anders Emilson, associate professor of design and responsible for the Service Design course at Malmö University, also feels that the students passed this year’s assignment well.
– It is always difficult to work with an external actor, to find the right person and times to meet, but I think all the groups have contributed with insights and suggestions that hopefully can be used in the municipal change processes.

Anders Emilson points out the mutual learning of enrolling students in a business.
“Students are given a chance to learn in “reality” and the organization can gain new insights about their situation. The students do not create new solutions or finished products but contribute new knowledge, insights and suggestions on how a situation can be in a different way from the current one.”

The students did their assignments in Osby’s and Perstorp’s municipalities and they resulted in six concept proposals that will be included in the ongoing project with Digital support from doctors at a distance.
– We will take a closer look at the concept proposals and I am convinced that there are parts of solutions that will help us further in our work, and above all the target group – the elderly, for the future, says Bengt Stavenow.

The reports, which are written in English, are published on the projects website Digital support from doctors at a distance.