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Nordic Test Beds – testing opportunity for new healthcare products and innovations

2016-10-17 | Business Advisory Services, Innovation expertise

Nordic Test Beds (NoTeB) project is opening a call to get five new cases to be tested in the Nordic cooperation network of university hospital based test beds.  The call is open until October 31th.

The project ’s fall of 2016 objective is to find 5 new ideas or products to be tested in the project network including innovation centers and test sites at university hospitals of Oulu (Finland), Uppsala (Sweden), Skåne (Sweden), Aalborg (Denmark) and Oslo (Norway).

The cases are expected to have innovative approaches or solutions for real problems especially in the hospital environment. The written proposal shall include one single product or service innovation, which is not yet broadly on the markets. The major intention of the project is to test products or ideas that are not too complex to be put into operation in the testing sites.

More information and application:

Nordic Test Beds project creates a Nordic collaboration network and access to five university hospital test beds.
The project will support faster development of incoming healthcare ideas into innovations by:

• Creating framework for Nordic health innovation work
• Building viable collaboration with Nordic SME´s and companies.
• Producing practical guides and tools on how to operate in Nordic countries
• Running 15 concrete health care product/service idea test cases
• Communicating and sharing the information continuously