Innovation Skåne

Preventive measures for reduced mental illness

Mental illness is increasing rapidly among children and young people and the various actors in society have great challenges to meet the needs of initiatives. Society needs to understand what children and young people, who are often called digital natives, need to be able to create sustainable health and quality of life by using the knowledge, data, resources, actors and collective intelligence available around us and in society.

As a first step in the project, a number of workshops were carried out together with young people, non-profit organizations, student health, social services, child and adolescent psychiatry, youth clinics and Innovation Skåne. The work has resulted in the concept Coze, which is a digital health-promoting companion. Basically, it is a chatbot that can learn the users’ unique feelings and give them support. The idea is that children and teenagers, at any time, should be able to talk to Coze in a safe environment. The next step is to transform the concept into a digital application.

Parallel technology platforms were being evaluated for both video and chat.

The project Preventive services for young people’s mental health took place within the framework of the Regional Director’s decision on digital renewal within primary care.

This project is now finished but the work continues in a new project, Digital infrastruktur på barn- och ungdomspsykiatrin (BUP).