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South Sweden consortia demonstrates the future of electric roads

2019-04-12 | Innovation expertise

Press release April 12th 2019

A stretch of road which can charge electrical vehicles while in motion is to be built and tested in the city of Lund. Behind the initiative is the Elväg Syd consortia, comprised of partners from industry, academia and public sector. Among the partners are Lund University and the Lund based company Elonroad who have developed the technical solution. The Swedish Transport Administration are procurers and main financier.

– The solution we are testing is based on metal bars [rails] in the road that only are powered directly underneath the charging passing vehicle. The electric road identifies the vehicle and everything from charging to payment models can be automated, says Per Löfgren, project manager on Innovation Skåne, the innovation company of Region Skåne.

The Swedish Transport Administration announced today that the Elväg Syd consortia will be one of only two partnerships in Sweden that will be commissioned to build a demonstration facility for electrical roads. Of a total budget of 97 million Swedish kronor, the Swedish Transport administration will be funding 84 million, while the additional funding will be added by the consortia partners.

It is one kilometer of the road Getingevägen, not far from the city center of Lund that will become electrified, where electrical vehicles can charge their batteries both while driving and being at a standstill. The building of the electric road will commence during the first quarter of 2020 and the entire project will be running for three years. The electric road will be built in the bus lane and ordinary traffic will be unaffected during the entire test period.

Behind the consortia there are nine partners from industry, academia and public sector, among them the Lund based company Elonroad and the faculty of engineering at Lund University who has developed the technical solution. The other partners are Innovation Skåne AB (project leader), Kraftringen Energi AB, Lund municipality/Future by Lund, Ramboll AB, Skånetrafiken, Solaris Sverige AB and the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI.

– We have been developing the technology since 2012 and are now looking forward to see a city bus drive and charge from the electric road on a Lund city street, says Dan Zethraeus, founder at Elonroad.

For additional information, please contact:

Anna Wilkens, kommunikationsansvarig för Elväg Syd, Innovation Skåne

Phone: +46 729 752 620


Per Löfberg, projektledare för Elväg Syd, Innovation Skåne

Phone: +46 735 023 157


Graphics: Peter Nyrell