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Game plan for better development and procurement

2019-04-11 | Innovation expertise

Should one develop one’s own, co-develop or buy ready-made solutions in the healthcare system? Now there is a game plan that clarifies how the development of innovative services and products in the healthcare sector can be run in collaboration without distorting the competitive situation.

The Game plan addresses important issues to consider when public actors in the healthcare sector take the initiative to develop new solutions that have the potential to be distributed nationally and commercialized.

The game plan has been developed within the framework of the strategic innovation program Swelife and the Sweper project, which aims to improve and support the opportunities for the Life science sector in Sweden. The game plan has been developed in collaboration between Region Stockholm, Region Västra Götaland, Region Västerbotten and Region Skåne, with support from the Procurement Authority, Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency.

In 2018, a Sweper report, Personcentrerad data och juridik (in Swedish), presented the legal challenges that exist for using health data. The project also examines how health data should be described in order to be used in digital processes. The goal is to help Swedish health data become the support that is needed to maximize the potential of precision medicine – a health service tailored to the individual. Innovation Skåne is one of the sub-project managers in Sweper.

For more information about the project Sweper, please contact Fred Kjellson or Stefan Persson at Innovation Skåne.