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The right light in schools improves academic performance

2019-12-09 | Lighting Metropolis

The fully booked Light Quality In Schools Conference raised beyond all expectations. 80 guests were given presentations on light impacts, light architecture, sight ergonomics and energy efficiency. The conference ended with a panel discussion by an astonishing line up of speakers.

The Light Quality In Schools Conference was organized December 4th in Lund by Lighting Metropolis in order to showcase the impact light has on academic performance. According to researchers, is the light affecting the learning process and making children and adults in school environments feel much better. The conference gathered the school system, lighting industry and the academia from Sweden and Denmark. It was an open conference were participants integrated with the guest speakers, which contributed to deep discussions thought the day.

Following questions were addressed:

  • Why are there no investment in good lighting in school environments?
  • How do you procure better light quality in schools?
  • Are there any examples of good light environments in schools?

The conference was broadcasted live and can be watched here (SE).

Read the more about the conference highlights and see both photos and videos from the day.