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Unique consultancy agreement will strengthen Greater Copenhagen as a leading metropolis for modern lighting

2019-09-25 | Lighting Metropolis

Five consulting firms in Sweden and Denmark have won an EU procurement totaling 13 MSEK to help municipalities and regions accelerate the transition to energy-saving LED of high quality in Greater Copenhagen. The cross-border framework agreement is Europe’s first of its kind.

In order for Sweden and Denmark to achieve their ambitious climate goals, it is crucial that public lighting is also included in the green transition. Today, only about 20% of the public lighting in the region is energy-saving LEDs, and the potential is therefore great. At the same time, some of the biggest obstacles to replacement today are the perceived complexity of modern lighting technology, and the fear of being locked in to a solution that risks becoming outdated prematurely. The new framework agreement with the winning consultancy firms is intended to help municipalities and regions overcome both, and thus facilitate a less complicated procurement process.

-We are incredibly pleased to have signed agreements with these five consulting firms, all of whom have strong competences and experience in both indoor and outdoor lighting as well as cross-border procurement. We believe it will be a very good collaboration that can help achieve a lighting that is both energy saving and high quality, for our partners, says Flemming Jörgensen, project manager for Lighting Metropolis, Gate 21.

The framework agreement was developed and procured as an important part of the Lighting Metropolis project, which aims to establish Greater Copenhagen as a world-leading metropolis for modern and climate-smart lighting.

The winning consulting firms, COWINIRASRambøllSWECO and ÅF Lighting, have all been judged to possess the unique skills, experience and resources required to accelerate the replacement of modern lighting. It is also hoped that the procurement of the lighting in Greater Copenhagen may inspire other municipalities and regions in both Sweden and Denmark to implement their own LED investments.

-We look forward to being able to offer our lighting expertise to partnering municipalities on both sides of the strait. We already have a good cooperation with several of the municipalities in connection with other projects, for mutual benefit, says NIRAS’ Business Manager Kirsten Engholm Henriksen.

The unique framework agreement means that the project partners don’t have to instigate a tender for the consultancy contract, up to a certain threshhold, and for higher investments only a mini-tender is required.

-The framework agreement will help create a demand for municipalities and regions of higher lighting requirements, both for energy saving and light quality, adds Flemming Jörgensen

Lighting Metropolis comprises 14 municipalities, one region, three universities and two organizations (see fact box). The project started February 1, 2019, and will last for three years. It is expected that participating municipalities and the Region of Skåne will together invest SEK 177 million in concrete LED projects.

For further information, please contact:

Flemming Jørgensen, project manager, Gate 21,, +45 5357 0068

Facts about the project:
Albertslund, Ballerup (lead partner), Bjuv, Egedal, Faxe, Gladsaxe, Hörby, Kalundborg, Klippan, Kristianstad, Lolland, Lund, Roskilde, Trelleborg, Region Skåne, Aalborg University, DTU, Lund University, Innovation Skåne & Gate 21 (project leader)

38 MDKK / 52,5 MSEK


The project is financed by EU / Interreg ÖKS (50%) and partners (50%).

About Gate 21
Gate 21 is a partnership between municipalities, companies and knowledge institutions, that work with the common goal of accelerating the green transition. Since launched in 2009 the non-profit organization has driven 100 green projects, to a total budget of 900 MDKK.