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Vultus close to commercial launch

2019-01-14 | Business Advisory Services

– We are very excited for our next step, which is a pilot during two months starting this week, says Robert Schmitt, CEO at Vultus.

When we last met the team, in october 2018, Vultus had recently raised a total of four million in funding and received a lot of attention from the global agriculture industry. New customers were expressing interest in the waste reducing technology, and future looked exciting to say the least. So what has happened since and where are the Lund based startup now? We talked to Robert Schmitt, CEO at Vultus, to get a brief update.

– The investments made it possible for us to further improve areas such as business strategy, development and research, says Robert Schmitt.

Although the team planned to commercialize their product during the final months of 2018, some technical issues occurred. It turned out that the integration of the software didn’t run as smoothly as everyone had hoped

– However, we knew we would face issues at some point, that is part of the process, says Robert.

The challenges sent the team into a new phase of troubleshooting, learning and improvement. Now, in the first months of 2019, Vultus is ready to start a pilot study with two partners.

– We are very excited for our next step, which is a pilot during two months starting this week. The pilot customers as well as future customers have expressed their appreciation of us performing this trial. It should work as an extra validation. We are looking forward to the following months and believe it will bring us closer to a full scale commercialization.

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