Innovation Skåne

What we do

Our goal is to contribute to future public services and regional growth – through innovation. We provide innovation management and support for Region Skåne’s operations, run growth projects in industries where Skåne has strong capabilities and there’s an international growth potential, as well as help entrepreneurs and startups in Skåne with business advisory. We are fully owned by Region Skåne.


Innovation management and support in Region Skåne

Innovation Skåne’s innovation management supports innovation projects in healthcare  with the aim to contribute to improved future services for the residents. The goal is also to build Region Skåne’s innovation capacity and to stimulate external cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Innovative employees in Region Skåne

We also employ innovation advisors to help employees in Region Skåne develop ideas towards new innovative solutions that can improve the organization.

New industries

Skåne has favorable conditions. Based on regional and global needs and unique conditions in our region, we want to boost innovation and new businesses to create regional growth. Skåne has chosen to focus on three strategic innovation areas: Personal health, smart sustainable cities and smart materials, which are also the focus areas for Innovation Skåne’s growth projects, including HealthTech Nordic, Lighting Metropolis and Materials Business Center. In 2018 two new focus areas was added to the portfolio: Mobility and Foodtech.

Business advisory to startups

Innovation Skåne’s business advisory is available for everyone with an innovative business idea with international potential. By providing professional business advice, we support entrepreneurs and innovators in their endeavor to become internationally successful companies. For startups working in the field of healthtech, smart materials or lighting we have specific targeted offers, read more above.